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Who we are

Who we are

We are the people behind the scenes

We are a team with a diverse set of skills who rally behind the goal of helping your business be successful. Our relationship with you is personal. Our team has the technology skills to put your organization online and in the hands of potential customers.

How it started?

United States Marine Corps

Integrity, Dependability, Loyalty

The internet became public in the early 90's and soon afterward, Seniram was established. Created by a Marine Corps veteran who had a passion for technology and delivering services on a personal level focusing on building long term relationships. The bond that exists between Marines are the tightest of family. Baptized through the fire of battle, sharing the same experiences, persevering through the hail storm! The majority of businesses face the same challenges. Investing in relationships, banding together towards a common goal, helping you become successful in work and in life. That is who we are and from where we come.

Our Mission

Our mission, is to make your life at work more enjoyable.

One way we accomplish this is to free you from the mundane tasks, which are necessary for business success, but wear away the hours and make a person dread the day before it even begins. Work is necessary, but it does not have to be torture.

We accomplish this mission by using our gifts and talents paired with the evolving world of technology. Great minds are constantly developing new, more sophisticated devices and hardware platforms. We integrate these devices with the software necessary to drive your business and reduce the hands-on requirement for many tasks that draw employees into black holes of unfulfillment on the job. The result:

  • Tasks are accomplished more quickly and efficiently
  • Employee morale improves
  • Employee attendance improves
  • Attrition rates decrease / less turnover
  • Less wasted time and money training replacement employees
  • More productive employees