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our mission

Our mission, is to make your life at work more enjoyable.

One way we accomplish this is to free you from the mundane tasks, which are necessary for business success, but wear away the hours and make a person dread the day before it even begins. Work is necessary, but it does not have to be torture. more...

It's Personal

Small, Women and Minority-Owned Business of Virginia


Each client is different. They each have different obstacles to overcome in order to be successful. Each has employees with differing strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. Working alongside of your professionals enables us to tailor a design that will work for your organization and produce results and drive your business.

Graphic Design

A great logo builds recognition and contributes to customer loyalty. The use of color penetrates deep and stimulates the emotions of your customers and prospects. Let our designers breathe life into your project.


Is your computer not behaving? Are you a victim of malicious software, a virus, or maybe it just is not responding as fast as it did in the past. Our technicians can get your computer back inline so you can get back to business.

smart media

Seniram is smart media, an information technology firm specializing in developing and managing brand identities across the internet. We accomplish our goals by displaying an expertise in responsive website development, custom application integration, social media management, search engine optimization, networking and lead generation.

Seniram is smart media, assimilating the information needed to understand all elements of your business. Utilizing added intelligence, we will help develop a plan of action, unleashing your products and services through our process, smart media. more...

Smart Media